Studying in Malaysia

Malaysia has long been the choice of study destination for international students from ASEAN nations, South Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. You will discover a delightful fusion of Asia’s oldest civilizations – Malay, Chinese and Indian, with colorful celebration of festivals, customs, and traditions and an array of multicultural cuisines. Eating out in Malaysia is an adventure for food lovers. There is a great variety – from gourmet restaurants to hawker’s stalls to please any taste and pocket!


Malaysia is easily reached by air, land and sea from all over the world. Malaysia enjoys a warm tropical climate that is either dry or wet. Temperatures normally range from 21ºC to 35ºC. Annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm to 2,500mm. Although humidity is high, inside the ICOM campus all rooms are air-conditioned.


Malaysia’s official language is Bahasa Malaysia. However, English is spoken by a majority of people throughout Malaysia, linking the various ethnic groups. Other everyday languages you will hear are Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tamil.


The official national religion is Islam and its tenets are visible in the architecture, language, culture, food and clothing. Freedom of religion and worship is constitutionally guaranteed for non-Muslims hence there are numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples and Christian churches. Major religious observation days are treated as national holidays such as Aidil-Fitri, Deepavali, Wesak and Christmas.


The local currency is Ringgit Malaysia (RM). It is generally easy to convert currencies at a currency exchange and/or banks throughout Malaysia. Major credit cards are accepted widely at any official establishment and ATMs are available to obtain cash via debit/cash cards from your home bank.


You will need both professional and casual attire. On campus, smart casual attire is required (shirts, slacks/jeans, dresses, blouses, skirts, and shoes). For official stage performances, professional attire is required (suit or dinner jacket and tie, cocktail dresses or evening gown). Shorts and sandals are more suited for the beach.


You can make phone calls through residential phones, public phone booths, and mobile phones. IDD call cards are available from most 24-hour convenience stores. Wireless Internet access is available on campus and broadband Internet subscription is very affordable to offer wired and wireless home Internet connection. Post offices are located throughout the country, with typical services provided for letter and package sending/receiving. Courier companies also operate throughout the country.


ICOM is located in the city of Kuala Lumpur or KL, as it’s fondly referred to, so public bus and taxi services are easily available to and from the ICOM campus to downtown KL. The Light Rail Transit (LRT) system is also available within walking distance.

Living Costs

Off-campus apartments or rented houses are available for international students close to the vicinity of the campus. Rented accommodation in Malaysia generally ranges in price from RM 500 for a basic room to RM 2,000 for a fully furnished apartment. Rental rates depend on the location and standard of facilities provided. The average living costs for a student is between RM 1,500 to RM 2,000 per month, including food and accommodation (excluding tuition fees).


The power supply in Malaysia is 220 – 240 volts / 50 cycle AC system. Most electrical points on campus, homes, and eateries use 3-pin plug. A travel adaptor is a must have!

Semester Intakes and Application Deadlines

Intake Sep 2023 Jan 2024 May 2024 Sep 2024
Semester Start Date 28/8 2/1 2/5 26/8
Application Deadline 14/7 10/11 15/3 12/7
Admissions Decision 18/7 14/11 19/3 16/7

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Questions? Contact us at or +6019-4023820.

Application Procedures

Please read the following important information carefully to ensure all application documentation are met for admissions, and to know of the travel and immigration requirements prior to departing your country:

Step 1: Complete Your Online Application Form

  • Create new user login
  • Pay application fee of RM 350
  • Complete your application details
  • Check application documentation
  • Attach 3 videos for audition (if applicable)

Step 2: Get Admissions Decision

  • Receive Offer of Admissions / Letter of Denial
  • Submit acceptance of admissions with declaration form and confirmation deposit to secure the placement
  • Submit Pre-arrival Medical Screening
  • Submit Housing Request Form

Step 3: Application for Student Pass

  • Submit Application for Student Pass to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS)
  • Receive Visa Approval Letter (VAL) by Malaysian Immigration
  • Make remaining payment according to Program Invoice

Step 4: Pre-Departure and On-Arrival to Malaysia

Step 5: Post Arrival to Malaysia

Step 6: Registration

  • Attend orientation program
  • Undergo Placement Test(s)
  • Classes commence