Important of Travel Advisory
Student Pass & Visa Approval Letter

The student pass and visa are endorsed onto your passport by the Malaysian Immigration Department through EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services).The endorsement indicates your visa type, the length of stay in Malaysia, the number of entries permitted into Malaysia and the validity of the student pass (which is for one year). The Malaysian Immigration regulations require all international students to enroll as a full-time student throughout your stay in Malaysia. While we will assist in your Student Pass application, ICOM cannot be held liable for any change in policies by the Malaysian Immigration Department in regards to issuance of Student Pass.


Your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay and for travel purposes. Your respective home country consulates or embassy in Malaysia can assist with your passport renewals. The International Student Office will help provide you letters certifying your enrolment should you need it to assist in renewing your passport. It is advisable to keep your passport valid in order to be eligible for certain insurance benefits.

Original Copy of School Certificates

You must bring your original school certificates for confirmation of authenticity of the documents submitted during your application.

Single Entry Visa

You must obtain your Single Entry Visa after receiving your Visa Approval Letter. You must get your Single Entry Visa approval before leaving your country. All students and visitors to Malaysia are subject to the Immigration Act 1959/6

Travel Ticket

Check with your travel agent to make your airline reservation. If you already have your accommodation arranged, you are advised to arrive in KL at least a few days before your program starts in order to settle down into your accommodation and the new environment. During holidays or peak travel season, flights may be fully booked on your desired dates, so make sure you make your ticket reservation as soon as you receive your Student Pass approval letter.

Working in Malaysia

The Immigration Department of Malaysia allows International students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week while studying in Malaysia and only during semester breaks that are over 7 days in duration with the permission of immigration. Students need to apply by sending their application to us, so that we can send your application to Immigration Cyberjaya together with attendance and academic transcript. Once approved, the permission to work for International students will be stamped in their passport. Continued work permits will be given if good academic performance and attendance are maintenanced

Leaving and Re-entry to Malaysia

When returning to Malaysia from your semester breaks, ensure that your Student Pass is still valid for no less than one (1) month from the date you re-enter Malaysia. You must inform the International Student Office of your travel plans and the length of your stay abroad.

Renewal of Passport

Please renew your passport at your country’s Embassy, High Commission, Diplomatic, or Consulate Office in Kuala Lumpur in order to facilitate transfer of Student Pass endorsement from your old passport to the new one. For the latest updates on Immigration requirement, visit

Expiry and Extension of Student Pass

You must remember the expiry date of your Student Pass. You must submit an application for your Student Pass extension at least seven (7) weeks before the expiry date. Failure to do so will result in a compound (fine) of RM500. You may also have to pay a compound fee to the Malaysian Immigration for overstaying in Malaysia.

Orientation and Assistance

The International Student Office will be able to assist you regarding any questions you might have related to admissions at ICOM. The Office will organize a range of orientation programs to familiarize you with the College and its policies and processes.