Pre-departure Checklist
  1. A credit card will be handy. It is advisable that money should be brought into Malaysia in Traveler Cheques. Ensure you have sufficient funds to pay for the first 3 months’ expenses such as food, accommodation and books. Important personal items to pack:

    • Personal Items (clothes, toiletries and medicine)
    • Bed Sheet (2 pieces)
    • Towel (2 pieces)
    • Mobile phone
    • Adapter plugs
    • Basic Stationeries
    • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash due to risk of theft or loss. Never put cash into checked-in luggage

  2. Important documents to bring along:

    • Passport
    • Flight Ticket
    • Driver’s License
    • Acceptance Letter and Visa Approval Letter
    • Original Academic Qualification transcript – in English (compulsory)
    • Receipts / proofs of payment for all fees
    • It would be a good idea to make a copy of your ICOM documents (for example, Acceptance Letter, Approval Letter, Original Academic Qualification transcripts, receipts).

  3. Upon confirming your flight details, you must email/fax the ‘Arrival Detail Form’ to the International Student Office at ICOM.It is mandatory that you inform the International Student Office of your arrival (day, date, time, flight details) at least 5 working days prior to your arrival. Please inform the International Student Office of any changes to your flight arrival information.

    • You must arrive at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA or KLIA 2) during ICOM’s office hours (9am to 5pm), Monday to Friday. This is to facilitate airport pick-up by the International Student Office staff
    • Should you arrive after office hours on a weekday (after 5pm), you will be charged a surcharge of RM 200.00. Arrival on weekends and Malaysian public holidays will be subject to a surcharge of RM 500.00.
    • Your only point of entry into Malaysia will be via KLIA or KLIA 2. We are not able to accommodate your arrival at any other point of entry into Malaysia