What You Would Study

Using easily available online tools (software and plugins) for music production, you will learn how to manipulate technology to create either a remix of your favorite song or to compose your own original song.

Entry Requirement

Admissions is open to all school going students from public, private and international schools. Your registration form must have the consent of your parent/guardian. In order to best benefit from these online programs, it is important that you have the following:

  • Computer desktop/laptop or tablet or mobile telephone
  • Speakers and a microphone (built-in or external mic)
  • A webcam or front camera on smart devices
  • Zoom app installed on your computer/device
  • A music instrument (only if you are registering for music performance programs)


  • RM100,000.00 in scholarships available.

  • Need-based, partial and/or full financial aid is available to applicants who demonstrate outstanding musicianship. Applicants requiring financial aid must furnish all required documentation for financial aid processing.


Welcome to our school holiday programs!

These online programs are designed for young school going musicians and hobbyists who wish to extend your music experiences, be it in music appreciation, performance, songwriting & arranging or music production.

This holiday season, learn new skills in a fun and interactive way that will make you a more informed and a better qualified musician. Come hangout with other musicians just like you and develop new friendships that aims to foster an active music community.

Admissions is by registration and requires parental consent.

Choose from one or more programs that fit your interest and time availability. Registration is easy, so register now to benefit from these attractive tuition savings:

Multiple Program Discount : Enjoy 20% discount when you register for more than one program

Group Discount: Enjoy 20% discount when you register groups of more than 5 students in any one program

Sibling Discount: Enjoy 15% off the tuition fee when you register together with your sibling

Live Audition

All applicants will be pre-screened for live auditions. Only successful applicants will be notified.